Ua Nemhnainn


This site was originated by Greg Noonan as a reference for anyone interested in the Irish surname Noonan, or its variations. He wrote the document “Ua Nemhnainn” which is a compilation of the history of the Noonan clan in Ireland. He includes notes on: the name itself, the Dal gCais dynasty that they were part of, Y-DNA tracking of that group, Noonan genealogy, the Nuanain tuath (domain or kingdom), Noonan heraldry or arms, Noonans in Irish history, and places of importance in Noonan Irish history. You will also find here a link to Greg’s larger scale study of the ancient Irish origin story (Lebor Gabala Erenn) which he called “An Seanchas”. Greg unfortunately passed away in 2009 without completing his manuscript but I hope you find the information he gathered useful in your own research.

He also designed the logo of the Noonan bull on the homepage, which has, concealed within it, symbolic images of a raven, a salmon, and a crane or stork, as well as an Ogham inscription.